[Bonnie] responded incredibly to the acupuncture! It was immediately obvious in her personality and on walks that she was feeling much better - definitely the “back to her old self” sort of thing. I’ve been rubbing behind her ears and between her [second and third] toes when I can, [like] Dr. Yomtovian recommended. Thanks so much.

— Kate Mocarski, Brooklyn, NY


Yomtovian! wow! I am so happy and relieved that we are doing what we need to do for Frida and she is responding well. I hope she will remain in good health .. I t was great having you come by to see her. Thank you for the special attention and love towards my girl.

– Michelle Kuperman, Brooklyn, NY


Hey, wanted to thank you one more time for what you did for Duke! His eye is so much better after only a couple of days!! He’s definitely different and more lively already! Can’t thank you enough!

– Saida Mouradova, Brooklyn, NY


Even [in just] 2 or 3 days, Benson [is] more sociable with our family .. He's made such great progress becoming more secure and trusting.  He will even brush up against my wife and let her pet him ( which never used to be true) and, sometimes, even let our kid, Damien, pet him without hissing at them  - which is real progress!!!!  

– Tom Zafian, New York, NY

Thanks so much for all of your help - it has made a very big difference. Bisou is doing much better!

– Lisa Dieter, New York, NY


Dr Yomtovian is fresh, superbly intelligent and experienced.

– Gideon Kellick, Brooklyn, NY


The atmosphere at work is now so upbeat, thanks to you! The entire staff just adores you. Thanks so much!

– Rebecca Campbell DVM, New York, NY


Dr Yomtovian came into my life - and my cat’s - unexpectedly when I posted a complaint on Facebook about a former vet who did little to speculate about anything serious that might be causing my cat to stop eating. Alarmed, she volunteered to come over to my place and check on my cat. Ezi came over and after visiting with my cat for a while suggested e do an ultrasound because she feared there was something more serious like lymphoma causing Django to stop eating. She set up an ultrasound with a specialist she trusts, whom Django was able to see right away; and the specialist confirmed that indeed there was a lymphoma-like mass near his bowels. If it weren’t for Ezi’s care, I would’ve remained in the dark about Django’s illness. Ezi kept making time out of her busy schedule to help me take care of Django, often visiting him at my place. She provided palliative medical management and instructed me on how to feed him and how to give subcutaneous fluids.

With Ezi’s help, I’ve been able to care for Django during his last few months in the comfort of his own home, with no scary, painful visits to an animal hospital. I don’t know what I or Django would’ve done without her. She’s been a lifeline. What an incredibly caring, conscientious and selfless vet.

– Jason Koo, Brooklyn, NY


Dr. Yomtovian managed to basically solve a huge ongoing problem with our cat in a single home visit. We had taken him to vets, to behaviorists, read books, and nothing seemed to help. Our cat was vicious and disruptive towards me and had made it so I was basically unable to relax in my own house.

Dr. Yomtovian came in and made several very simple suggestions that, within a matter of a week or two, had completely retrained our cat. He is now much easier to deal with and, on the rare occasions when he does act out, it is infinitely easier to get him to stop.

I give Dr. Yomtovian my highest recommendation if you’re dealing with pet behavioral issues.

– Shawn Setaro, Brooklyn, NY


Ezi, you were a breath of fresh air! Thank you for helping us out.

All the best,

– Richard Doyle Partner at Wylie Vets, Essex, UK