At Home

Home Visits are perfect for busy owners, and pets who are anxious or aggressive

Dr Yomtovian is APHIS accredited for clients looking to travel abroad with their pet

Dr Yomtovian is also an animal behaviourist, consulting privately with owners interested in behaviour modification

Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine is an excellent alternative/adjunct for pain management and improving quality of life 

Comprehensive examinations and limited diagnostics are available with a Home Visit


Home Visit _80

Wellness Exams
Cats and Dogs _70
Small Furries and Birds _45

De-worm _15

Vaccination _25

Fecal _40

Microchip _60

FeLV/FIV quick _40

Heartworm/Lyme quick _40

Comprehensive blood panel _180

Nail trim _25

Anal gland expression _25


Domestic Health Certificate/ Fit for Travel _40
Physical Exam Required
Vaccination Records Needed

International Health Certificates (APHIS) _250

Physical Exam Included
Vaccination Records Needed 

Behaviour Consultation _250

Home visit included 
1st session 40-60m 
1st session Physical Exam Included
Behaviour Report includes in-depth history and comprehensive behaviour modification plan
Ongoing communications via phone and email

Follow up sessions 30-40m _100

Acupuncture _180
Home visit included 
1st session 40-60m 
1st session Physical Exam and TCVM Evaluation Included

Follow up sessions 30-40m _100


Case dependent


Surgical Procedures
Case dependent


* 20% less per pet in multi pet households 

Email Dr Yomtovian to book a Home Visit

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